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If you are a licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant in California and you offer uncontested divorce services to the public, or wish to do so, and what you read below makes sense, you should apply to join the Online Divorce PRO Team.

What is Online Divorce PRO?

Online Divorce PRO is a suite of online divorce tools designed to enable entrepreneurially-minded Legal Document Assistants (LDA's) to fight back and recover the vast bulk of California uncontested divorces currently being enjoyed by unlicensed, unregulated, incompetent, often fraudulent, online divorce mills located mostly outside California (many outside the US).

Online Divorce PRO provides a methodology to handle all uncontested/default cases on a high-quality online divorce platform.  Online Divorce PRO is designed to enable you to avoid emailing or handing your clients the dreaded 20-page questionnaire. As Online Divorce PRO is also a true online divorce preparation service, you will no longer have to manually cut-and-paste data via Word or Adobe Acrobat. This is a fully automated process that will save you time and impress and empower your clients.

Online Divorce PRO document preparation service itself consists of 2 components: (1) an online divorce interview to be completed by your client in the comfort of her home or office across multiple sessions; and (2) a fully-prepared document download dashboard (batch or single-doc downloading) accessible only by you.

How It Works

TO SIGN UP FOR ONLINE DIVORCE PRO: Complete and submit the application form below, checking the box for either Basic or Premium service. We will be in touch.

Online Divorce PRO Premium service will not be oversold. Generally, we will be looking for one competent, non over-charging, fixed fee, entrepreneurially-minded LDA per Superior Court location.

What Are Your Costs for Online Divorce PRO?

There is a flat $30 for each Online Divorce PRO account you create. The exclusive Online Divorce PRO Premium service (one LDA per Superior Court location) carries an additional flat $50 per month in exchange for custom client login portal address and custom online interview. That $30 per case (and $50 per month for Premium) is invoiced via PayPal on the first day of each calendar month for all accounts created during the prior month. Invoices will specify the account numbers being invoiced.

The cost of all inbound phone calls and web form submissions delivered to your inbox is included in the $50 Online Divorce PRO Premium monthly fee.

We look forward to working with you closely and helping you to succeed as an Online Divorce PRO Legal Document Assistant. If there are any questions, please email or call 1-800-PETEROH.

Terms of Use:

  1. There is no formal contract. The parties' contract begins when the parties agree, via email exchange, to begin providing and receiving services, as defined below, and continues until it is terminated.
  2. There is no long-term commitment by you. You can terminate the contract at any time without cause upon 30 days advance email notice to LMS. LMS may terminate the contract only for cause, which is strictly limited to 14 days of non-payment of a monthly invoice, after 7 days email notice to you of non payment of the specified monthly invoice and your continued failure to pay said specified monthly invoice for an additional 7-day period. Emailed notice from and to the parties' previously used email addresses shall be sufficient for any such notice.
  3. Our contract will be for the provision by Legal Marketing Systems (LMS) to California licensed Legal Document Assistants (individually, LDA) of white label (Online Divorce PRO Basic) or customized (Online Divorce PRO Premium) online divorce document preparation services.
  4. The LDA may sign up for and use either Online Divorce PRO Basic or Online Divorce PRO Premium level of online divorce document preparation service. Online Divorce PRO Premium service (including the contained lead generation service) is offered strictly subject to prior sale or subscription.
  5. Lead generation consists of consumer form fills and consumer phone calls generated by LMS' digital marketing and sent to LDA.
  6. If the LDA signs up for Online Divorce PRO Premium service, there is no additional cost for form fills delivered to your inbox and phone calls delivered to your designated phone number.
  7. All costs are invoiced via PayPal on the first day of each calendar month in arrears for services provided by LMS during the prior calendar month.
  8. The LDA will have a Control Panel login to the LMS lead gen dashboard where s/he may view and download all leads from the prior 12 months
  9. No hidden fees. No Ups or Extras (other than the flat $50 per month for Online Divorce Premium service). You know all costs in advance.
  10. Online Divorce PRO (Basic and Premium) document preparation is $30 per case, invoiced via PayPal on the first day of each calendar month for all accounts created by the LDA during the prior calendar month. Each invoice shall specify the user id of each account being invoiced.
  11. All online divorce accounts shall remain existent, accessible and useable by LDA for a period of 5 years from their creation, regardless of any termination of the parties' contract.
  12. These terms may be altered by LMS at any time without notice to LDA.


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By clicking Apply, you agree to the Terms of Use set out above. You also understand that the lead generation component of the Online Divorce PRO service is offered subject to prior subscription by another LDA.